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Robert Griffin III would be a sure-fire stud QB - if he had a different coach...

Now that the draft is over, I know most people are already deluding themselves into thinking their team had a good draft. Seriously – I have met very few people in my life who honestly thought their team had a horrible draft right after it’s over. The reasons for this are simple: (1) it takes about 2-3 years to see if a draft class was truly good or bad, and (2) most fans, whether they realize it or not, convince themselves of their teams doing better things in the off-season than they’ve actually done because they want that to be true, not because it is.

I’m not about to sit here and “grade” each team did, because there are numerous articles out there for you to read from far more knowledgeable draft experts on the subject. Besides, those “experts” are rarely right on entire draft classes per team, and it’s their job to examine that all year. It’s not my job to do so – so why would I think I’m going to be correct if they can’t??

No – I figure I’ll just give a few thoughts on the draft now that it’s over with.

  • Washington has done nothing to dissuade my belief they’re going to ruin Robert Griffin III’s pro career. It’s true – I felt that way way before the draft, and I feel that way even moreso now. Why? Who the eff drafts a guy to be a franchise QB – and then drafts another highly touted guy to play QB in the same draft (Kirk Cousins)?? That makes me think wild-eye Shanahan is already scheming for a possible Plan B if Griffin III struggles. Which is dumb. You draft a QB in the top ten – you give him 3 years to succeed or fail. Period. Mark my words –Robert Griffin III is the best QB prospect in this year’s draft, in my opinion. But teaming with the Shanahans…if he can overcome all their crap and tomfoolery, I may have to buy his jersey.
  • I’m already sick of Andrew Luck. No, really – and I don’t even dislike the kid. But I’m beyond sick of hearing comparisons to John Elway, Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, etc. Like – seriously. This kid hasn’t thrown one pro pass. Indianapolis is NOT a good team on paper. They have a new coach. New scheme, new offense, new players. You want me to believe he’s as good already as the all-time great players who built their rep up over at least a decade? With all these variables?? GTFOH!!

    And yes, I remember these same media heads trashing Cam Newton last year, when every person who watched him thought he was a sure-fire stud – well, until they allowed themselves to be convinced otherwise by the “experts”. Let me tell you something, and this I GUARANTEE – Luck will NOT have as good of a season as Newton had in his rookie year. Newton shattered rookie records, and threatened some non-rookie ones. Has anyone heard him compared to Marino, Elway or Brett Favre after that?? I sure haven’t. Hell – Peyton Manning, who was unbelievable in college, didn’t get THIS much props before he had actually played (he did get a lot, though). So yes – I’m completely sick of him due to the way the media has talked about him – already. Doesn’t mean I wish him ill will or failure. But ugh – the crowning of him as a savior is completely off-putting to me.

  • The Buffalo Bills had a pretty decent draft. Oh, believe me – if they didn’t, I’d be the first to clown. But outside of drafting WR TJ Graham in the 3rd when stud WR Nick Toon was still available – they did pretty good for themselves. While I think it was a mistake to draft CB Stephen Gilmore over WR Malcolm Floyd in the 1st round, the Gilmore pick isn’t a bad one – at all. I think he’s a good player. One has to keep in mind – the Bills’ drafts over the past few years have been the biggest jokes in the AFC. And when they did find good players, they lost them within 5 years time. Again, time will tell on their picks – but it was a stable draft for them. Hell, it seems better than my team’s draft. Speaking of which…
  • I don’t know what my Raiders did. Like…I don’t. They DID address needs, and the offensive lineman they selected – Utah’s Tony Bergstrom – is capable of stepping in as a starter at guard for them. The rest of the draft picks seem to be either to provide depth or are projects to work on. But it’s really hard to judge what they did. I think new GM Reggie Mckenzie is making prudent decisions since taking over, but man – I’m REALLY going to have to wait to see how this turns out. I still say the biggest mistake the team did was getting rid of coach Hue Jackson.
  • The Patriots reloaded. So let’s see – New England made the Super Bowl with a sub-par defense (by their standards). So what do they do? LOAD UP on defense in the draft. Yikes. SU’s Chandler Jones and Alabama’s Donta Hightower lead a group of good defensive draftees that will undoubtedly make them a Superbowl favorite again. Geez – why can’t my team be as smart and sound as them? I think most rational people wonder the same thing.
  • People are cruel. Whomever called up Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu during the 1st round and pranked him by telling him he was about to be selected by the Cincinnati Bengals is a evil bastard. The kid sat there heartbroken watching them actually choose G Kevin Zeitler with the 27th pick instead. Luckily, Cincy would choose him in the 3rd round. But the kid who did that to Sanu – cold-blooded, man. Cold-blooded.
  • The NFL is a cruel business. I know most of us know that, but Colt McCoy REALLY knows that right now. After only a brief trial to grow as a QB, the Cleveland Browns are already scrapping the plan to build around him and drafted OSU’s Brandon Weeden to take his job. Yikes. This is the team that put McCoy back in the game after he was knocked silly with a concussion, and put his health at risk (nothing ever happened to them for that, either – highlighting the NFL’s hypocrisy on player safety). Considering how quickly they gave up on Brady Quinn – I’m thinking the most uncomfortable QB job in the league may be QB for the Browns.
  • The St. Louis Rams BETTER be improved. With all those draft picks and players they added – if they’re just as bad as last year, that’s going to be inexcusable. I don’t expect them to be a Super Bowl contender – but I’m thinking a 7-9 finish with promise for the future is a fair expectation.
  • The rich get richer. The Green Bay Packers and NY Giants were already good teams. They both had pretty good drafts for teams that are already elite. Perhaps that’s why they’re already elite.

    That’s my quick reactions to the 2012 NFL draft. Everyone has hope at this point of the year – everyone’s got a shot right now. But we won’t know how it play out until we see some mini-camps and preseason games. Until then…you know I’ll stay on it!!