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Interesting few days of sports…

  • So, Tim Tebow does it again. No need for me to recount what happened – turn on any Sports TV or radio show if you somehow missed it. AND, the Denver Broncos won becauseof his passing. Another chapter added to the great story that is the Broncos’ 2011-2012 season.I find it funny, though – Tebow haters still can’t give him any type of credit, regardless of what occurred in front of everyone’s eyes. I give props to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith for humbly admitting he was wrong – something a lot of blowhards on the network simply can never bring themselves to ever say (I’m looking at you Tedy Bruschi, Merril Hoge and Skip Bayless). The popular excuse that people want to latch on to…”Pittsburgh had injuries.”


    Let’s be clear – EVERY TEAM has injuries. I’ll remind people – the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl last year with tons of injuries. The NY Giants and Houston Texans won their divisions and 1st round playoff games with numerous injuries all year. One of the typical people I deal with who doesn’t necessarily think about these things – they just regurgitate whatever becomes a popular, repeated point – said to me “Pittsburgh didn’t have their defensive leader or their top running back.” I replied “Neither did Denver”. Yeah – he had forgotten Brian Dawkins and Knowshon Moreno were Denver’s injured starters who were out. Oops.

    Plain and simple – the better teams step up and get through injuries. Sure, there are major injuries some teams can’t recover from – the Indianapolis Colts can attest to this – but most good teams can and do. And seeing as coach Mike Tomlin isn’t using that as an excuse, and Pittsburgh was favored to win – I don’t find it any sort of coincidence that every human being I’ve heard who is using the injury excuse is also anti-Tebow.

    Get over it. As I tell people all the time – you not liking someone or something doesn’t change reality. Hell, I don’t like LeBron James particularly – you’ll never hear me discredit him if he’s had a phenomenal game or literally caused his team to win. Then again, I don’t get upset and have to change reality if someone I don’t cheer for wins or proves me wrong. ***kanyeshrug***

  • Everyone is talking about the Lakers, Thunder, Bulls, Heat, Knicks, etc. for different reasons in the NBA this season…anyone notice that the Portland Trailblazers might quite possibly be the best complete team in the league right now? Because I definitely have.
  • Eli Manning said at the beginning of the season he was just as elite of a QB as Tom Brady. People laughed…looking at his season, I don’t think the kid was lying. Is he better? No. But he’s in the elite class, no doubt.
  • Anyone notice that ratings and attendance are up in the NBA after the lockout? I honestly didn’t see that coming. But apparently, the NBA had the same result after it’s lockout that the NFL did – people complained and b***hed so much, when it returned, they were all eyes. Conspiracy theorists might even say both leagues knew this would be the result. I for one am a bit shocked that both leagues saw no negative effects to revenue and ratings…
  • Very quietly, a storm is brewing in the NHL. No one is noticing, because – quite frankly – Americans could care less about hockey in general. But when the NHL announced conference realignment, the NHLPAtook that as an opportunity to assert their power as a union again. The issue is currently in flux, because the players haven’t agreed. This isn’t about them having a problem with it – it’s about them (the NHLPA) trying to re-establish themselves after getting massacred by the owners during their collective bargaining battle and subsequent lockout in 2004-2005.I’m not as deeply knowledgeable about hockey as I am other sports – but this doesn’t look like a good sign for the next labor negotiations. The union will be looking to wrest back some power and control after their massacre (which was decidedly worse than the loss the NBA players just took).
  • Quick – name a good, current heavyweight boxer not named Klitschko. Yeah – I can’t either.
  • You think money doesn’t talk? It was announced last week Floyd “Money” Mayweather will not start his jail term until AFTER he participates in his next fight, presumably on May 5th. Wow – that’s a hell of a bribe.
  • Someone complained on former player and fellow Syracuse alum Derrick Coleman’s Facebook page that they felt the Syracuse Orange are being “disrespected” because they’ve been #1 for 5 weeks and haven’t been on national TV a lot. Silly argument – SU hasn’t played any team outside of Marquette (this past Saturday) that was even projected to be a decent game. Most channels and networks decided on what games they’ll air well ahead of time, and the Orange have been playing a weak part of their schedule for the past few weeks. But it’s not a bias thing – the people making that complaint probably never notice how many times they find out that #1 (at the time they were ranked that high) Ohio State, Duke, Kentucky, etc. have lost in a game that wasn’t on national TV.Syracuse will be on national TV a lot more when they get into the real meat of the Big East schedule…
  • Ricky Rubio is the real deal.
  • I still don’t care about the BCS National Championship tonight. I’ll check it out…but if it ain’t good by halftime, I’ll watch the highlights on “Sportscenter”.
  • Jorge Posada is going to retire after 17 years with the NY Yankees. With 5 World Series titles under his belt, I’m thinking he can leave with his head high. Props, Mr. Posada.


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These were the seats I had for the Oakland Raiders-Buffalo Bills game on Sunday. Life is good.

What up, everyone. Took a few days to myself to handle some business, relax and catch a game. The game in question didn’t turn out the way I wanted – the Buffalo Bills beat my beloved Oakland Raiders 38-35 – but it wound up being honestly one of the greatest regular season pro football games I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere, along with the game, was unbelievable!

So much to discuss over the past few days – so let’s get to it…

  • What’s that, you say? Cam Newton passed for 400+ yards again?

    All Cam Newton has done is set NFL records and lead his team in rushing - as a rookie.

    Against the defending Super Bowl champions? Uh-huh – after my article last week, a few heads still wanted to debate with me about him, still listening to “the experts” in the media. Again – I’m the only expert you need to listen to. Because I have no agenda, and have no problem admitting I’m wrong.

People can say whatever they like – every time this kid goes out to play in the National Football League, he makes history – literally. He’s only the 7th player in NFL history to post back-to-back 400 yard games. Oh, the chumps experts want to point out he threw 3 INTs and the team didn’t win – and?? 2 of those INTs were by all-world corner Charles Woodson, who does that against anyone. And last I checked, Cam doesn’t play defense. His team was in a position to win, and that’s more than anyone expected. If a person can’t give it up to him at this point, when Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers was gushing about dude after the game – well, I already know what category to put you in.

  • The Buffalo Bills are for real. Oh, don’t get it twisted – I’m not putting them in Super Bowl contention yet. And this is Buffalo – they’re playing above their ability for what they have. But that’s the point – they’re playing above their ability. They’ve got heart, and 3 superb, underrated players at the skill positions – QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, RB Fred Jackson and WR Stevie Johnson. The defense is suspect, but if they get it together – watch out. This is unquestionably THE surprise team of the young NFL season. You’ve gotta give them props – Kansas City may be awful, but beating a high-octane Raiders team – and doing so by driving it down at the end to win on a 4th down play? Consider me very impressed.
  • Floyd Mayweather Part 1: This chump has been on the lips of everyone since the debacle Saturday night. Let me start with the fight – um, hello? You people are still paying for PPV boxing matches?? Tsk, tsk. Someone asked me did I want to chip in to “get the fight” and I laughed. Look – for you slower people out there – most major boxing matches on PPV will either (A) not live up to the pre-fight hype, (B) end in a debacle or fiasco (like this one), (C) make you realize that paying for it was a complete waste of money, or (D) prove all 3 things I listed correct at the same time. I, like many others, watched that joint for free.99 on the Internet – and to be honest, I wasn’t going to watch it. I only logged on because I needed something to watch before a new episode of “Bleach” came on Cartoon Network at midnight…

Floyd won - but he didn't win the way an all-time great would.

  • Floyd Mayweather Part 2: Floyd won like a sucka. For real. Oh, I’ve heard it all – Victor Ortiz was being dirty with the headbutts, so he had it coming (there’s no question he was dirty, that’s not my point). That’s what a lot of people are saying to try to justify Floyd’s sucker punches. But here’s the thing – Victor Ortiz isn’t remotely in Floyd’s class. I’d expect a hyped-up, over-matched bum like this guy to try something dirty once he started getting his arse kicked. Even so, he was caught, and a point was taken away. Floyd deliberately caught him as he was breaking embrace from an “apology hug”. Was it legal? Sure – ref had deducted the point, and had restarted the match. But the ref wasn’t even looking himself. Floyd engaged in giving the hug, then snuffed him. Meaning he knew what he wanted to do.

And my thing is this – regardless of the legality of the punches, I’ve watched

Does this look like the face of a guy distraught about losing? I'd smile too if I made millions and went home with her after the fight...

boxing my entire life. Watched footage of the greats, read up on it – the whole nine. I’ve never seen a great fighter have to do that to win. That was wack, especially seeing how easily he was winning the fight. And the only people I see defending it are Floyd fans. This is a big reason I have this blog – I’m honestly one of the few people I know who can talk about sports without any bias kicking in for teams or players I like.

To those who disagree, ask yourself this – if the situation was reversed, and Ortiz beat Floyd by quickly knocking him out after an embrace when he wasn’t ready to fight – would you honestly have the same opinion you do now in defending Floyd? Because, if you’re actually being honest with yourself – I’m betting 99% of those who disagree would be upset and calling Ortiz a cheap punk, even if Floyd had head-butted him first.

  • Floyd Mayweather, Part 3: I almost made this subject a separate blog by itself…but I’ll address it here. I was, and still am, completely mortifiedby the comments and reactions to Mayweather screaming in

    There is no excuse for Mayweather's disgusting display of disrespect and ignorance.

    an old man’s face (Larry Merchant) after the fight. The justification by the classless fans of Floyd is that Merchant often says critical things about Floyd. Um – so? And?? So let me get this straight – anyone paid to offer analysis and opinion about sports should be subject to intimidation, disrespect and cursing on live TV?? Larry Merchant is 80 years-old. I don’t know about the cretins who support and think this was funny, but I was raised to respect my elders. If Floyd has a problem with how Merchant talks about him (newsflash – most of the media talks negatively about Floyd), then he could’ve ended it when he said “Go talk to Victor”. That’s it – end the interview. That would have actually been more effective, because then Merchant would have to answer to his bosses as to why he couldn’t get an interview with the new champ after a fight – and those bosses would’ve more than likely either made Merchant ease up in the future, or not allowed him to do future interviews.

But screaming “You ain’t (spit)!!” in an old man’s face is the most classless, disgusting thing I’ve ever seen a boxer do in an interview. Hell, I can’t really think of any athlete doing that before. By comparison, I posted a blog applauding Chris Bosh, who faced incessant detractor Skip Bayless face-to-face. Bayless has said much more and way worse about Bosh – yet Bosh exhibited a calm demeanor and addressed him head-on. I gained a huge amount of respect for Bosh.

Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell – hell, even Barry Bonds in recent history – have faced way worse scrutiny and had much worse said and written about them. The things they had to deal with were really disrespectful, not just negative critiques of their abilities within the sport. They had to deal with the worst things said and done to them and the people around them. Guess what? NONE OF THEM (or others) ever reacted this way. And they might’ve actually been justified in doing so; and I suppose many would understand. So the excuse that Merchant had that type of thing coming falls short to an intelligent writer with manners and decorum.

No – I’ll say it flat-out – Floyd’s actions were the actions of a PUNK, and were classless, disrespectful, and disgusting. And those who support and cheer such action – I think you’re classless, disrespectful, and disgusting. And I think you didn’t get proper home training.

We as a society have embraced ignorance so much, we can’t even recognize it when it manifests itself. Some of us actually applaud such garbage. And those that do – I find your mindsets to be sick. Nuff said.

  • The news that Syracuse and Pittsburgh will be joining the ACC obviously sent shockwaves through the college sports world. As a SU alum, it feels like a punch to the gut – I’ve been a Big East head my entire life. This doesn’t make much sense – the money each school will get will be a miniscule increase over what they both already get. While it obviously makes the ACC a beast in all sports, especially basketball and football, it actually hurts my alma mater – our football program is rebuilding. We’re not even one of the best teams in a weak Big East football conference – so now we’re going to the ACC, with Pitt, Miami, Maryland, Clemson, Florida State, Virginia AND Boston College?? We go from rebuilding to being a football doormat. That team that everyone circles on the schedule and goes “Well, that’s a definite win.” And I don’t want to BE that school.

SU basketball coach Jim Boeheim isn’t happy about it, either: “If conference commissioners were the founding fathers of this country, we would have Guatemala, Uruguay and Argentina in the United States. This audience knows why we are doing this. There’s two reasons: Money and football.” Yup, Jim. And for me, what hurts even more – my school and Pitt conspired to do this. The ACC approached both schools a year ago, and put this in motion back then. SU and Pitt, 2 crucial members of the Big East (SU helped found the conference, for heaven’s sake), worked with the ACC to keep it a secret and put the wheels in motion. Do you guys know how hard it is to keep something like this a secret for a year in the information age?? No one knew anything about this?? Unbelievable. And there’s rumors the ACC wants UConn and Texas next. Smh…

  • So word is Terrell Owens is in Korea right now looking for a stem cell treatment he couldn’t get here in the states. Let’s call this for what it is – the desperate actions of a desperate man. Owens is in major financial trouble according to reports, in part due to his multiple kids with multiple mothers, and his lack of desire to pay support for the children or to even have a relationship with them. I feel no sorrow for him, and hope he doesn’t ever get a shot in the NFL again. He’s a team-killer, and has caused problems to every team he’s been on (except Cincinnati last year). He and Tiki Barber are getting what they deserve, in my opinion.
  • The NBA players union and the NBA are scheduled to have some of their lower level reps meet this week to hammer out a deal. Expect nothing to happen of note.
  • Jamaal Charles, Nick Collison, Thomas Davis and Roscoe Parrish – come on down! You’re the next contestants on “Injuries Linked To The NFL Lockout!!”…
  • Anytime you enter the game to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" - you know you're pretty much THE MAN.

    Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer ever – officially. Rivera has 5 championships in 17 seasons with the Yankees, and his story is literally that of a legend. I truly think you could make a movie about this guy’s life, and it’d be a huge hit. I won’t detail everything – you can read his bio here – but I’ll just say as a fellow Panamanian, this man truly makes me proud – on and off the field.

  • Saturday night is UFC 135, headlined by the light heavyweight championship between champion Jon Jones and challenger Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Who you guys got in that match? I’m going with the champ, even though I love Jackson.
  • Congrats to the Phoenix Mercury for defeating the Seattle Storm to advance to the Western Conference Finals in the WNBA. I think Diana

    The Phoenix Mercury continued their post-season dominance in recent years.

    Taurasi is awesome, so good for her – but I’m mad I don’t get to see Seattle’s Sue Bird play any more. She’s one of my WNBA crushes (along with Swin Cash, Candace Parker and a few others). They’ll await the winner of tonight’s Game 3 between San Antonio and top-seeded Minnesota. In the East, the Indiana Fever will host the Atlanta Dream on Thursday in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

That’s all for now. Love to read your reactions…your turn to chime in. Shoot, Pass – Quibble!

What up, everyone. No specific topics on my mind the past 2 days, so here’s a few thoughts on various things in the world of sports…

  • I’ve gotta say – I find it hilarious how the talking heads on ESPN are reacting to Tedy Bruschi’s tirade against Chad Ochocinco earlier this week. To a man (and a woman) – not a single person sees anything wrong with what he said or how he came across. What, did ESPN mandate their employees all voice support on-air? By comparison, there have been mixed opinions on other outlets, and Bruschi’s own former teammate Rodney Harrison, while not dissing him, essentially said Tedy went overboard and that Chad does work hard, as anyone in the NFL will confirm. But the on-air bias displayed this week is both funny – and pretty wack
  • I’ve got 2 football games I’m a bit worried about in the next 2 days. The first is the Syracuse-USC game (Saturday, 8pm). SU, my alma mater, is 2-0 – but needed overtime to beat Wake Forest and only beat Rhode Island by 7 last week. That’s not exactly the types of performances that inspire me to believe they’re going to beat a perennial Top 25 team in their own backyard. On top of that, we’re dealing with multiple injuries, especially on defense. I’ll be cheering for my team, and hoping for the best – but I’m a bit scared at what could happen.
  • The other game I’m worried about (though less than the SU game) my Oakland Raiders travel to Western New York to take on the Buffalo Bills (1:00pm, Sunday). I don’t know what to make of either team. Are the Bills really that good? Is the Raiders d-line and linebacker support really that stout?? Guess we’ll find out Sunday. Incidentally – this might be the first game I travel to see at the Bills stadium since the 90s. I detest those fans – undoubtedly some of the worst in the league. And if you’re a non-Bills fan and have been – you know why. They’re insane, drunken arseholes – and I hear terrible stories yearly from there…
  • Speaking of the Bills – 92 year-old owner Ralph Wilson will miss his first home opener for the team in it’s 52 years of existence. He’s recovering from a broken hip suffered in June.
  • Shout-out to my fellow alum, fellow blogger (check her and her partners’ contributions to the blogisphere at and overall sweetie Yolanda for the picture below:

Um - Floyd? What exactly do you and Mr. Ortiz have going on that we don't know about??

Er…this is Floyd’s first fight in almost 2 years. Both he and opponent Victor Ortiz are confident, and the sport of boxing is looking forward to it (Saturday night, PPV). But I’ve watched a lot of boxing, a lot of press conferences – even once argued face-to-face with boxing authority Bert Sugar (we actually had to be told to calm down as we were in a fancy dinner and arguing if Muhammad Ali was actually “The Greatest”)…

I’ve never seen something like this.  I mean – I don’t even know what to say about this. Other than to reference Riley Freeman on “The Boondocks” and leave it at that for comedic purposes (and if you don’t know what I mean by that, sorry – I can’t explain. It’s offensive to some, but a comedic narrative throughout the series).WTF, man.

  • I don’t know about you guys – but I kind of think Mariano Rivera’s 600th save was severely underplayed in the media this week. Oh, it was referenced – but 600 saves?? He’s 2 away from the all-time lead. And he plays for the Yankees, possibly the greatest franchise in all of sports. How is that not a bigger deal???
  • The man formerly known as Ron Artest is now officially Metta World Peace. Which I think is awesome. Even more awesome – his daughter Diamond wants to change her last name to his – which would make her Diamond World Peace. How sweet is that?? People – it’s Metta’s World, and we just live in it. Give Peace a chance (see what I did there?)…
  • The NBA Lockout will prevent at least half a NBA season. And you can blame the owners. Carry on.
  • I’ve got more drama in one of my fantasy football leagues than in the real rec one I play in every weekend. Smh…
  • Told you nothing would happen to Sir Rena Williams
  • If I lived in Washington, DC – I’m pretty sure I’d be a Washington Nationals season ticket holder. Just to watch Stephen Strasburg.
  • The new owner of The Buffalo Sabres, along with players on the team, hand-delivered season tickets to fans this week.  I’ve never heard of such a thing (an awesome thing, at that). Terry Pegula has spent an unbelievable amount of money improving the arena, the ice, the team – and has connected with the community to improve both the team and the relationship with the fans. I used to think Mark Cuban was the most awesome owner in sports – but this guy makes him look like an uncaring cheapskate comparatively (which he isn’t, by the way). The things he’s doing – I wish they could be used as the template for all team owners in all sports. I’d seriously like to meet the guy and shake his hand.
  • Tiki Barber and Terrell Owens still aren’t on any teams. Thank goodness.

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