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Robert Griffin III would be a sure-fire stud QB - if he had a different coach...

Now that the draft is over, I know most people are already deluding themselves into thinking their team had a good draft. Seriously – I have met very few people in my life who honestly thought their team had a horrible draft right after it’s over. The reasons for this are simple: (1) it takes about 2-3 years to see if a draft class was truly good or bad, and (2) most fans, whether they realize it or not, convince themselves of their teams doing better things in the off-season than they’ve actually done because they want that to be true, not because it is.

I’m not about to sit here and “grade” each team did, because there are numerous articles out there for you to read from far more knowledgeable draft experts on the subject. Besides, those “experts” are rarely right on entire draft classes per team, and it’s their job to examine that all year. It’s not my job to do so – so why would I think I’m going to be correct if they can’t??

No – I figure I’ll just give a few thoughts on the draft now that it’s over with.

  • Washington has done nothing to dissuade my belief they’re going to ruin Robert Griffin III’s pro career. It’s true – I felt that way way before the draft, and I feel that way even moreso now. Why? Who the eff drafts a guy to be a franchise QB – and then drafts another highly touted guy to play QB in the same draft (Kirk Cousins)?? That makes me think wild-eye Shanahan is already scheming for a possible Plan B if Griffin III struggles. Which is dumb. You draft a QB in the top ten – you give him 3 years to succeed or fail. Period. Mark my words –Robert Griffin III is the best QB prospect in this year’s draft, in my opinion. But teaming with the Shanahans…if he can overcome all their crap and tomfoolery, I may have to buy his jersey.
  • I’m already sick of Andrew Luck. No, really – and I don’t even dislike the kid. But I’m beyond sick of hearing comparisons to John Elway, Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, etc. Like – seriously. This kid hasn’t thrown one pro pass. Indianapolis is NOT a good team on paper. They have a new coach. New scheme, new offense, new players. You want me to believe he’s as good already as the all-time great players who built their rep up over at least a decade? With all these variables?? GTFOH!!

    And yes, I remember these same media heads trashing Cam Newton last year, when every person who watched him thought he was a sure-fire stud – well, until they allowed themselves to be convinced otherwise by the “experts”. Let me tell you something, and this I GUARANTEE – Luck will NOT have as good of a season as Newton had in his rookie year. Newton shattered rookie records, and threatened some non-rookie ones. Has anyone heard him compared to Marino, Elway or Brett Favre after that?? I sure haven’t. Hell – Peyton Manning, who was unbelievable in college, didn’t get THIS much props before he had actually played (he did get a lot, though). So yes – I’m completely sick of him due to the way the media has talked about him – already. Doesn’t mean I wish him ill will or failure. But ugh – the crowning of him as a savior is completely off-putting to me.

  • The Buffalo Bills had a pretty decent draft. Oh, believe me – if they didn’t, I’d be the first to clown. But outside of drafting WR TJ Graham in the 3rd when stud WR Nick Toon was still available – they did pretty good for themselves. While I think it was a mistake to draft CB Stephen Gilmore over WR Malcolm Floyd in the 1st round, the Gilmore pick isn’t a bad one – at all. I think he’s a good player. One has to keep in mind – the Bills’ drafts over the past few years have been the biggest jokes in the AFC. And when they did find good players, they lost them within 5 years time. Again, time will tell on their picks – but it was a stable draft for them. Hell, it seems better than my team’s draft. Speaking of which…
  • I don’t know what my Raiders did. Like…I don’t. They DID address needs, and the offensive lineman they selected – Utah’s Tony Bergstrom – is capable of stepping in as a starter at guard for them. The rest of the draft picks seem to be either to provide depth or are projects to work on. But it’s really hard to judge what they did. I think new GM Reggie Mckenzie is making prudent decisions since taking over, but man – I’m REALLY going to have to wait to see how this turns out. I still say the biggest mistake the team did was getting rid of coach Hue Jackson.
  • The Patriots reloaded. So let’s see – New England made the Super Bowl with a sub-par defense (by their standards). So what do they do? LOAD UP on defense in the draft. Yikes. SU’s Chandler Jones and Alabama’s Donta Hightower lead a group of good defensive draftees that will undoubtedly make them a Superbowl favorite again. Geez – why can’t my team be as smart and sound as them? I think most rational people wonder the same thing.
  • People are cruel. Whomever called up Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu during the 1st round and pranked him by telling him he was about to be selected by the Cincinnati Bengals is a evil bastard. The kid sat there heartbroken watching them actually choose G Kevin Zeitler with the 27th pick instead. Luckily, Cincy would choose him in the 3rd round. But the kid who did that to Sanu – cold-blooded, man. Cold-blooded.
  • The NFL is a cruel business. I know most of us know that, but Colt McCoy REALLY knows that right now. After only a brief trial to grow as a QB, the Cleveland Browns are already scrapping the plan to build around him and drafted OSU’s Brandon Weeden to take his job. Yikes. This is the team that put McCoy back in the game after he was knocked silly with a concussion, and put his health at risk (nothing ever happened to them for that, either – highlighting the NFL’s hypocrisy on player safety). Considering how quickly they gave up on Brady Quinn – I’m thinking the most uncomfortable QB job in the league may be QB for the Browns.
  • The St. Louis Rams BETTER be improved. With all those draft picks and players they added – if they’re just as bad as last year, that’s going to be inexcusable. I don’t expect them to be a Super Bowl contender – but I’m thinking a 7-9 finish with promise for the future is a fair expectation.
  • The rich get richer. The Green Bay Packers and NY Giants were already good teams. They both had pretty good drafts for teams that are already elite. Perhaps that’s why they’re already elite.

    That’s my quick reactions to the 2012 NFL draft. Everyone has hope at this point of the year – everyone’s got a shot right now. But we won’t know how it play out until we see some mini-camps and preseason games. Until then…you know I’ll stay on it!!


Well – NFL free agency began Tuesday, and while it’s not a free-for-all, things have certainly gotten off to a rapid, exciting start. While “Manning-Watch 2012” is in full swing, other notable players have already settled in with new teams and contracts. Most notably, DE Mario Williams has literally shook up the league by signing the richest contract for a defensive player in NFL history – and taking his services to the Buffalo Bills, of all places.

This has to be the surprise of free agency, and I doubt anyone will top it. In Buffalo, the fanbase is going CRAZY – a little too crazy, if you ask me. I understand the excitement, and I think anyone should be excited to land possibly the #1 free agent out there – but you’d think Jesus was signed to play (and I’m not talking about your Latino neighbor with the hot wife). This is no shock if you look at the history of free agent signings in the post-Jim Kelly era – the fans had similar over-reactions to Drew Bledsoe and Terrell Owens coming to town. They’re desperate to be competitive, and the small town desire to be as relevant as the big city teams permeates throughout the area.

Mario Williams (with his fiance) may truly be the biggest free agent signing of the NFL off-season - and NOT just due to what he brings on the field.

Just don’t tell me this means Super Bowl – the Houston Texans had a much better team than the Bills the past 5 years with Williams, and yet never made the playoffs (they made it last year, but he was hurt after the first 5 games). It takes a complete team – and last I checked, while this is promising for the Bills – they still have the same crappy head coach.

In the short term, it means nothing if the team doesn’t continue in building the team up – it’s just a way to sell season tickets and make money. But the DRAW that comes along with the biggest free agent coming to your town??

Well – put it this way. No one gave a fudge about Green Bay before Reggie White gave ’em a shot. And while Williams is no Reggie White – he can be used as a piece to entice free agents to a city they would NEVER consider otherwise.

In my opinion, regardless of how it plays out for the rest of the off-season – the Williams signing is THE BIGGEST signing of this year’s free agency, no matter what. Not because of his name, but because of what it would mean for drawing in money, national TV coverage, and – if the organization actually is trying to be a contender – what it means for bringing in other players over the years.

The Bills also had their sights on grabbing a top free agent WR – but were spurned by WR Robert Meachem, who instead signed with the San Diego Chargers. Replacing the now-departed Vincent Jackson (more on that in a second), I think the Chargers make out here. While Meachem is 3 inches shorter, he’s still 6 ft. 2, has great hands and speed, and is considerably cheaper than Jackson would have been if SD had kept him. He has a catch rate of over 60%, and while some would try to argue he benefited from having Drew Brees as his QB – I find that argument flawed, because wouldn’t he stand to benefit from Philip Rivers too, by that train of thought?

He’s also incredibly durable and much less injury-prone than Jackson. Combining him with Antonio Gates, Malcolm Floyd and the newly signed Eddie Royal – he could have a breakout year. Hell, he got at least 600 yards the past 2 years as the 4th receiver in New Orleans – you think he can’t get that with MORE targets as a #1 WR??

Both New Orleans and Sand Diego lost pieces to the team that’s really cleaning up in free agency so far – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After a really bad season last year, they’re re-tooling and spending the money to be a force in the NFC South. They grabbed Jackson from San Diego, top free agent guard Carl Nicks from the Saints, and a good cornerback in Eric Wright from the Detroit Lions. This is a team that already had tons of great pieces all over the board. Granted, they’ve got a 1st-time NFL coach in Greg Schiano, but if he can remotely get this team to build a good chemistry…Tampa Bay could wind up a playoff team again.

Thus far, the biggest loser in free agency is unquestionably the Miami Dolphins. Let’s see – they gave up troubled but talented WR Brandon

Peyton Manning came to Miami - and then he left Miami. For good.

Marshall to the Chicago Bears for a bag of peanuts and a Snicker bar (not really – but two 3rd-round draft picks ain’t too much better); got passed over by Reggie Wayne when he re-signed with Indianapolis instead of giving the Dolphins a shot like he had hinted, and were officially eliminated from the Peyton Manning sweepstakes Friday. Yikes. And this is a team that didn’t have a winning record last year, and now have a new coach to deal with.

What are they doing? I have friends who are Dolphins fans, but I’m sorry – they look like they’re on a one-way ticket to doormat-ville. Even if they sign free agent QB Matt Flynn – does anyone really see anything out of this team to say their future looks promising? Granted – there’s a lot of time left, and the draft hasn’t happened. But things are looking a bit crazy right now…

A few other moves I think are good: San Francisco signing Randy Moss to a low-risk, incentive-laden contract; the Tennessee Titans throwing themselves into the Manning sweepstakes and signing free agent guard Steve Hutchinson (a good friend of Manning’s); the St. Louis Rams juicing Washington by trading their #2 pick for the #6 pick, a 2nd-rounder this year, and 1st round picks in 2013 and 2014…along with getting Jeff Fisher (yet another person Miami missed out on!) as head coach and grabbing top free agent corner Cortland Finnegan, and finally – Washington, for fighting for their annual title as the off-season champions of free agency (they’ve made quite a bit of signings thus far), as well as securing the right to draft superstar NCAA QB Robert Griffin III (even if they DID get killed in what they had to give to do so).

Still A LOT of time to go, and this will be playing out literally for months…but wanted to just give a quick look at this past week in free agency comings and goings. We’ll see how it plays out – until then…Shoot, Pass, Quibble!!

Hello, everyone. Happy New Year to all who have read or kept up with Shoot, Pass, Quibble! since this blog’s inception. Admittedly, in the waning weeks and months of 2011, my writing trailed off due to becoming increasingly busy in life, and not really wanting to keep up with things as much as I’d like in terms of daily writing. However, if you were on Facebook and had added the SPQ page, you know that I often posted various sports articles, news bits, blogs and updates – and provided commentary and opinion on those things posted.

I thank you all for keeping up with SPQ, and hope to be able to offer articles and insight on a more regular basis in 2012. Having a blog is indeed like having a second job – but I do enjoy it.

I won’t rehash stories and subjects that have obviously been dealt with, written about, and talked about – but here are my thoughts on a few things:

  • It’s been so gratifying to see Cam Newton break all types of rookie records and be one of the biggest stars in the NFL this season. I LOVE that all these chumps had to shut their mouths since about week 5 about him when they had written the book about him. I also love the shine Tim Tebow got, although it’s very clear – he has a lot to learn at the QB position. Still, I love the kid’s moxie and leadership.
  • Good offensive coordinator. BAD coach.

    I find it inexplicable that I know a handful of people who actually think Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey is good at his job. Like…it’s not even close. And if you look back, I SAID what would hurt the Bills in the long run would be coaching. I don’t want to hear they had injuries – EVERY team had injuries. The NY Giants lost almost their entire starting defense, and lost their TE, starting RB, and both starting WRs at different points this season. They won the NFC East. No, Chan sucks. No qualifier.

    Any time you put together consecutive loss streaks of at least 7 games in back-to-back seasons? Only a delusional person can defend that, in my opinion.

  • Now that the NBA is back, don’t believe the hype that the older teams will all suck and the teams with younger players will dominate. It will be hard, but if they can avoid injuries – the veteran-heavy teams will be able to maintain.
  • You’re a complete fool if you’re one of the people who subscribes to the belief that Kobe Bryant has “lost it”. Not a single NBA coach or GM would agree with you.
  • I don’t care about the BCS title game. At all. That may sound crazy to some, but I truly have no desire to see a LSU-Alabama rematch. I stopped watching the first game at halftime.
  • Though some might call me biased because it’s my alma mater…if you haven’t had a chance to see #1 Syracuse play basketball, you need to. They are by far the best team in the country. This may be the best complete squad Jim Boeheim has ever had. And that says A LOT – because he’s had some killer squads.
  • Color me tickled that people argued with me that both Tiki Barber and Terrell Owens would be on NFL rosters this season – when I said before the season began there was no chance…
  • The Oakland Raiders collapse to give up the AFC West was truly horrible. I’m hoping coach Hue Jackson cleans house on defense, which was horrible all year long.
  • It’s not true sports, but rather “sports entertainment…but the few times The Rock has appeared in WWE in the past year HAS  to have been the most entertaining moments for the company in years. Dude is just fantastic in front of a camera…and his feud with wrestler John Cenahas provided some of the best comedy in years…
  • The Russell Westbrook-Kevin Durant issue will pop up again at some point this season. Count on it. Westbrook just doesn’t get it.
  • I don’t know how Time Warner can possibly justify dropping MSG, when it plays Knicks, Rangers and Sabres games. People are NOT happy about that. Luckily, I have DirecTV – so I not only get MSG, I get multiple MSG channels. But that really stinks for fans of those teams if they have Time Warner.

Well, there you have it – first post of 2012. Like I said – I hope to post more regularly. It’s good to be back – I’m looking forward to the year. As always, feedback is welcome.

Until next time…Shoot, Pass, Quibble.

There’s a new biography out next week on the late, great Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton. In it, besides detailing his rise to become one of the greatest running backs of all-time, it details drug abuse, infidelity and depression by Payton, amongst other salacious details. I won’t name the book nor the author, because honestly – I don’t want to give him any more publicity than he’s already garnered in the media (excerpts were released this past week and set the sports world ablaze with reaction). Suffice to say, while I may not be where Mike Ditka is – he literally wants to spit on the author – I don’t know that it’s necessary to release these details at this point, so long after his death. Especially since Sweetness (his nickname) is looked to as one of the all-time great athletes on and off the field – so much so, that the NFL’s Man Of The Year Award, honoring a player’s volunteer and charity work, as well as his excellence on the field, is named after Payton.

The release of a new autobiography on Hall Of Fame RB Walter Payton has stirred up the sports world with disturbing details about some of Sweetness' personal demons.

But the whole subject got me thinking. Really – even though many may not want to hear it or want it put out there (I personally just think revealing this info now is pointless and is just to sell books), it is the truth. The author isn’t lying. He’s revealing things about a beloved sports figure that many simply don’t want to connect with that person. We see him a certain way, and want that image maintained. But there’s a problem with that line of thinking. Well, at least when you relate it to how most fans incorporate it in their sports viewing and their love of particular athletes.

Most Americans (and dare I say most people, period) are familiar with the Ten Commandments. The very first of these commandments says something to the effect of “I Am The Lord Your God. You Shall Have No Gods Before Me.” Meaning basically – don’t put anyone or thing on my level. Don’t idol worship. Well, that’s how it’s been interpreted in many circles. Now before anyone thinks I’m getting all religious, I’m just pointing out that this commandment implores that people should not elevate people and/or things to a higher level than they should be. And therein lies the rub…

Most sports fans do just that. All the time. In fact, they do it so much I don’t think they even realize they’re doing it, or have done it.

Now, I see nothing wrong with being upset in this particular case ( the Walter Payton situation) where there is no benefit to revealing this information now, other than to sully his name and legacy. But what I’m talking about specifically is how fans will pardon, defend, excuse and explain away the bad behaviors of athletes that they like – but don’t excuse that same behavior from other athletes or even friends and family. They worship these players; they completely idolize them. I see this all the time. And I find it odd, essentially because I don’t do it.

Do I like athletes who have engaged in bad behavior? Of course. We ALL do. It’s impossible not to. But I don’t excuse or pardon the bad behavior. Nor do I idolize any of them. I’m a huge Kobe Bryant fan – but you’ll never hear me once defend the fact that him cheating on his wife put him in that huge false rape allegation-debacle. I simply understand that the overwhelming majority of male athletes (and celebrities) cheat on their wives. You’d be hard-pressed to meet or know of one who hasn’t. The difference between the Tiger Woods of the sports world and others is merely who gets caught in the public’s eye.

In order to enjoy sports (because in reality, if we concentrated on what type of people they were morally, that would eliminate about 90% of sports stars) we tend to concentrate on what goes on within the sport itself. Exceptions arise when someone does something particularly heinous, such as spousal abuse, drug dealing or murder. But it’s a safe bet to say as long as someone is playing at a high level and being a good person within the sport, most of us are cool. I’ve yet to meet the human being who has any issue with Grant Hill’s actions on the court as a pro basketball player.

But I’m constantly dealing with hypocrites in terms of how they treat their

Brett Favre's antics over the final 5 years of his career permanently injured his legacy.

favorite athletes, and how they react to those who aren’t in their favorites list. You’ll find every excuse under the sun from Brett Favre lovers as to why his list of faults and mistakes are fine, but the same people will deride other players if they did the same things. Personally, I don’t find holding your team hostage for 3 straight years while you attention-whore to the media over whether you’re going to retire or not a cool thing. I don’t think forcing your team to have to learn to gel with you because you’re skipping training camp every year cool (and neither do many of his ex-teammates, as was reported consistently). I don’t like the playing of the sympathy card when players, coaches and management get sick of your schtick. And I certainly don’t excuse sexually harassing a young sports reporter who looks exactly like your wife did at the same age. Especially when you’re leaving creepy old man messages and texting her pictures of your penis.

Serena Williams sometimes brat-like and rude behavior is inexplicably overlooked by some fans.

I don’t find it cool to berate and yell at the line judges and tennis officials the way Serena Williams has done. And I’ll put it completely out there, because that’s what I do – the overwhelming majority of Black fans I know who defend and excuse her crap do so just because she’s a Black star in that sport. Know how I know? Whenever I find someone going all Johnnie Cochran for her, I simply ask them to name 5 top women tennis players. After they name both the Williams Sisters and Maria Sharapova…it becomes really hard for them. A lot of times, they’ll refer to “the cute girl/model” – Anna Kournikova, who hasn’t played on the WTA since 2003. I like to really mess their heads up and ask them who Caroline Wozniacki – my favorite women’s player – is. They tend to dismiss her, like “I can’t keep up with all those foreign players”. That’s when I drop the fact that she’s been the #1 player in the world for about a full year, and that she’s in a pretty high-profile relationship with golf star Rory McIlroy (another person they go “huh?” when I drop his name). Newsflash – if you don’t recognize the names Wozniacki, Clijsters, Jankovic, Petrova or Dementieva – you don’t watch tennis. At all. You watch the Williams Sisters.

I’ve already detailed the disgusting behavior and antics of Floyd Mayweather. Some would turn around and point out my love of Mike Tyson to counter their support of Mayweather, but again – there’s not a single time in my life I defended or excused any bad behavior by the man. I understand why he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear in their infamous encounter, but I never said it was cool or I approved of it. I liked Bernard Hopkins for years, until the ignorance of some of his comments over the years moved me away from cheering for him, regardless of skill. No, bad behavior is bad behavior. My like of an athlete’s skill does not make me turn a blind eye to things I’m naturally not alright with or bothered by in certain contexts.

One of the biggest cases of hypocrisy in terms of athlete worship I’ve seen – when Terrell Owens became a Buffalo Bill. Working at a news station in Buffalo at the time, I had for years heard my fellow Buffalonians – coworkers included – dog the man and his antics out. I personally never have had an issue with his on-the-field celebrations or taunts to his opponents; that’s an entertaining part of football to me. What I never liked was how he consistently threw every QB he’s had under the bus, along with players and coaches. I don’t like the way he causes chaos on a team and divides a locker room. And again – I don’t like some of the more ignorant statements he’s said over the years.

Watching Buffalonians fawn over THIS guy when he became a Bill was almost too much for me.

I couldn’t name a single Buffalonian at that time who liked this guy. Really. I won’t say everyone I knew disliked or hated him, but a fan of his? Nope. So what happens? This fool comes to town, and there are hundreds of people waiting in the airport for him, as if he was Caesar returning from a conquest. The mayor gives him the key to the city – I don’t even remember the Super Bowl era Bills getting the key to the city!! He comes to my station for an interview – and I was literally the only person who didn’t want to see or meet him. I literally told my supervisor to make sure I had nothing to do with anything related to him. Which of course meant that irony would step in and force me to run teleprompter for him (note: I was never asked to run teleprompter for studio guests as a photographer and editor. On this day, we happened to be short of people – I had to do it. Smh).

People in my building were running around like their heads were cut off. Mind you – this is a major news station. We met and dealt with famous people all the time. People were running for autographs, pictures, kissing his arse – and I looked with disgust at all these people I knew for a fact had been talking ill of this man for months; hell, some for years. It took everything in my power to not lose it as his assistant (one of the women from his TV show) came over to me to “instruct” me on how “T.O.” likes his prompter rolled. When another worker came in and asked what could he do, I gladly told him he could roll prompter if he liked and stormed out the studio. Not because I disliked Owens that much – but because watching grown human beings fall over themselves because a guy can catch a leather ball is kind of disgusting to me.

Oh – and hypocrites give me indigestion.

“You Shall Have No Gods Before Me.” For centuries, that phrase has been interpreted to mean we should not elevate the people and things of this world to a godly level. But to many, in a subconscious sense, athletes (and celebrities) are their gods. They worship them enough to excuse anything they do – as long as they’re performing well for their favorite team or winning on a personal level, they’ll let anything they do slide – because said athlete(s) are above everything else. Scoring points makes a player’s actions okay no matter what – it doesn’t matter that if your child or a family member acted the same way in every day life, you’d be appalled and highly critical of those actions.

Look at yourself, and ask – honestly – if you hold your favorite pro sports figures to normal societal standards. If your brother was supposedly happily married but was sending penis pics to his twenty-something coworker, would you excuse that? If you saw a young man yelling in an old news reporter’s face “YOU AIN’T (SPIT)!!!”, would you find that funny? If a family member always caused problems amongst different groups in the overall family, no matter what city he went to – would you be happy to see them when they came to town?

I’m thinking if you’re honest – the answer for most is no. And if that’s the case – perhaps you should re-evaluate exactly what level you hold these people on. Because they shouldn’t be idolized unabashedly for doing well in their respective sport. As is the case with many, even the great Walter Payton – many have faults on and off the court, and nothing they accomplish in their sport excuses or makes their bad actions acceptable or palatable.

Who is your God? While many of you may say God, Allah, , Olorun, Jehovah, Jah, Zeus and a host of different names to describe your creator – the truth is, in actions – you may actually worship a person I might not let my little nephew have even one conversation with.

Food for thought – you do the dishes.

These were the seats I had for the Oakland Raiders-Buffalo Bills game on Sunday. Life is good.

What up, everyone. Took a few days to myself to handle some business, relax and catch a game. The game in question didn’t turn out the way I wanted – the Buffalo Bills beat my beloved Oakland Raiders 38-35 – but it wound up being honestly one of the greatest regular season pro football games I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere, along with the game, was unbelievable!

So much to discuss over the past few days – so let’s get to it…

  • What’s that, you say? Cam Newton passed for 400+ yards again?

    All Cam Newton has done is set NFL records and lead his team in rushing - as a rookie.

    Against the defending Super Bowl champions? Uh-huh – after my article last week, a few heads still wanted to debate with me about him, still listening to “the experts” in the media. Again – I’m the only expert you need to listen to. Because I have no agenda, and have no problem admitting I’m wrong.

People can say whatever they like – every time this kid goes out to play in the National Football League, he makes history – literally. He’s only the 7th player in NFL history to post back-to-back 400 yard games. Oh, the chumps experts want to point out he threw 3 INTs and the team didn’t win – and?? 2 of those INTs were by all-world corner Charles Woodson, who does that against anyone. And last I checked, Cam doesn’t play defense. His team was in a position to win, and that’s more than anyone expected. If a person can’t give it up to him at this point, when Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers was gushing about dude after the game – well, I already know what category to put you in.

  • The Buffalo Bills are for real. Oh, don’t get it twisted – I’m not putting them in Super Bowl contention yet. And this is Buffalo – they’re playing above their ability for what they have. But that’s the point – they’re playing above their ability. They’ve got heart, and 3 superb, underrated players at the skill positions – QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, RB Fred Jackson and WR Stevie Johnson. The defense is suspect, but if they get it together – watch out. This is unquestionably THE surprise team of the young NFL season. You’ve gotta give them props – Kansas City may be awful, but beating a high-octane Raiders team – and doing so by driving it down at the end to win on a 4th down play? Consider me very impressed.
  • Floyd Mayweather Part 1: This chump has been on the lips of everyone since the debacle Saturday night. Let me start with the fight – um, hello? You people are still paying for PPV boxing matches?? Tsk, tsk. Someone asked me did I want to chip in to “get the fight” and I laughed. Look – for you slower people out there – most major boxing matches on PPV will either (A) not live up to the pre-fight hype, (B) end in a debacle or fiasco (like this one), (C) make you realize that paying for it was a complete waste of money, or (D) prove all 3 things I listed correct at the same time. I, like many others, watched that joint for free.99 on the Internet – and to be honest, I wasn’t going to watch it. I only logged on because I needed something to watch before a new episode of “Bleach” came on Cartoon Network at midnight…

Floyd won - but he didn't win the way an all-time great would.

  • Floyd Mayweather Part 2: Floyd won like a sucka. For real. Oh, I’ve heard it all – Victor Ortiz was being dirty with the headbutts, so he had it coming (there’s no question he was dirty, that’s not my point). That’s what a lot of people are saying to try to justify Floyd’s sucker punches. But here’s the thing – Victor Ortiz isn’t remotely in Floyd’s class. I’d expect a hyped-up, over-matched bum like this guy to try something dirty once he started getting his arse kicked. Even so, he was caught, and a point was taken away. Floyd deliberately caught him as he was breaking embrace from an “apology hug”. Was it legal? Sure – ref had deducted the point, and had restarted the match. But the ref wasn’t even looking himself. Floyd engaged in giving the hug, then snuffed him. Meaning he knew what he wanted to do.

And my thing is this – regardless of the legality of the punches, I’ve watched

Does this look like the face of a guy distraught about losing? I'd smile too if I made millions and went home with her after the fight...

boxing my entire life. Watched footage of the greats, read up on it – the whole nine. I’ve never seen a great fighter have to do that to win. That was wack, especially seeing how easily he was winning the fight. And the only people I see defending it are Floyd fans. This is a big reason I have this blog – I’m honestly one of the few people I know who can talk about sports without any bias kicking in for teams or players I like.

To those who disagree, ask yourself this – if the situation was reversed, and Ortiz beat Floyd by quickly knocking him out after an embrace when he wasn’t ready to fight – would you honestly have the same opinion you do now in defending Floyd? Because, if you’re actually being honest with yourself – I’m betting 99% of those who disagree would be upset and calling Ortiz a cheap punk, even if Floyd had head-butted him first.

  • Floyd Mayweather, Part 3: I almost made this subject a separate blog by itself…but I’ll address it here. I was, and still am, completely mortifiedby the comments and reactions to Mayweather screaming in

    There is no excuse for Mayweather's disgusting display of disrespect and ignorance.

    an old man’s face (Larry Merchant) after the fight. The justification by the classless fans of Floyd is that Merchant often says critical things about Floyd. Um – so? And?? So let me get this straight – anyone paid to offer analysis and opinion about sports should be subject to intimidation, disrespect and cursing on live TV?? Larry Merchant is 80 years-old. I don’t know about the cretins who support and think this was funny, but I was raised to respect my elders. If Floyd has a problem with how Merchant talks about him (newsflash – most of the media talks negatively about Floyd), then he could’ve ended it when he said “Go talk to Victor”. That’s it – end the interview. That would have actually been more effective, because then Merchant would have to answer to his bosses as to why he couldn’t get an interview with the new champ after a fight – and those bosses would’ve more than likely either made Merchant ease up in the future, or not allowed him to do future interviews.

But screaming “You ain’t (spit)!!” in an old man’s face is the most classless, disgusting thing I’ve ever seen a boxer do in an interview. Hell, I can’t really think of any athlete doing that before. By comparison, I posted a blog applauding Chris Bosh, who faced incessant detractor Skip Bayless face-to-face. Bayless has said much more and way worse about Bosh – yet Bosh exhibited a calm demeanor and addressed him head-on. I gained a huge amount of respect for Bosh.

Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell – hell, even Barry Bonds in recent history – have faced way worse scrutiny and had much worse said and written about them. The things they had to deal with were really disrespectful, not just negative critiques of their abilities within the sport. They had to deal with the worst things said and done to them and the people around them. Guess what? NONE OF THEM (or others) ever reacted this way. And they might’ve actually been justified in doing so; and I suppose many would understand. So the excuse that Merchant had that type of thing coming falls short to an intelligent writer with manners and decorum.

No – I’ll say it flat-out – Floyd’s actions were the actions of a PUNK, and were classless, disrespectful, and disgusting. And those who support and cheer such action – I think you’re classless, disrespectful, and disgusting. And I think you didn’t get proper home training.

We as a society have embraced ignorance so much, we can’t even recognize it when it manifests itself. Some of us actually applaud such garbage. And those that do – I find your mindsets to be sick. Nuff said.

  • The news that Syracuse and Pittsburgh will be joining the ACC obviously sent shockwaves through the college sports world. As a SU alum, it feels like a punch to the gut – I’ve been a Big East head my entire life. This doesn’t make much sense – the money each school will get will be a miniscule increase over what they both already get. While it obviously makes the ACC a beast in all sports, especially basketball and football, it actually hurts my alma mater – our football program is rebuilding. We’re not even one of the best teams in a weak Big East football conference – so now we’re going to the ACC, with Pitt, Miami, Maryland, Clemson, Florida State, Virginia AND Boston College?? We go from rebuilding to being a football doormat. That team that everyone circles on the schedule and goes “Well, that’s a definite win.” And I don’t want to BE that school.

SU basketball coach Jim Boeheim isn’t happy about it, either: “If conference commissioners were the founding fathers of this country, we would have Guatemala, Uruguay and Argentina in the United States. This audience knows why we are doing this. There’s two reasons: Money and football.” Yup, Jim. And for me, what hurts even more – my school and Pitt conspired to do this. The ACC approached both schools a year ago, and put this in motion back then. SU and Pitt, 2 crucial members of the Big East (SU helped found the conference, for heaven’s sake), worked with the ACC to keep it a secret and put the wheels in motion. Do you guys know how hard it is to keep something like this a secret for a year in the information age?? No one knew anything about this?? Unbelievable. And there’s rumors the ACC wants UConn and Texas next. Smh…

  • So word is Terrell Owens is in Korea right now looking for a stem cell treatment he couldn’t get here in the states. Let’s call this for what it is – the desperate actions of a desperate man. Owens is in major financial trouble according to reports, in part due to his multiple kids with multiple mothers, and his lack of desire to pay support for the children or to even have a relationship with them. I feel no sorrow for him, and hope he doesn’t ever get a shot in the NFL again. He’s a team-killer, and has caused problems to every team he’s been on (except Cincinnati last year). He and Tiki Barber are getting what they deserve, in my opinion.
  • The NBA players union and the NBA are scheduled to have some of their lower level reps meet this week to hammer out a deal. Expect nothing to happen of note.
  • Jamaal Charles, Nick Collison, Thomas Davis and Roscoe Parrish – come on down! You’re the next contestants on “Injuries Linked To The NFL Lockout!!”…
  • Anytime you enter the game to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" - you know you're pretty much THE MAN.

    Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer ever – officially. Rivera has 5 championships in 17 seasons with the Yankees, and his story is literally that of a legend. I truly think you could make a movie about this guy’s life, and it’d be a huge hit. I won’t detail everything – you can read his bio here – but I’ll just say as a fellow Panamanian, this man truly makes me proud – on and off the field.

  • Saturday night is UFC 135, headlined by the light heavyweight championship between champion Jon Jones and challenger Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Who you guys got in that match? I’m going with the champ, even though I love Jackson.
  • Congrats to the Phoenix Mercury for defeating the Seattle Storm to advance to the Western Conference Finals in the WNBA. I think Diana

    The Phoenix Mercury continued their post-season dominance in recent years.

    Taurasi is awesome, so good for her – but I’m mad I don’t get to see Seattle’s Sue Bird play any more. She’s one of my WNBA crushes (along with Swin Cash, Candace Parker and a few others). They’ll await the winner of tonight’s Game 3 between San Antonio and top-seeded Minnesota. In the East, the Indiana Fever will host the Atlanta Dream on Thursday in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

That’s all for now. Love to read your reactions…your turn to chime in. Shoot, Pass – Quibble!